Ciarán Flanagan

year old Irish Freelance Web Developer. Laravel, JS (jQuery & Vue), Node.js and WordPress. And a little cycling, farming or gaming

Hi! I'm Ciarán. I'm a year old freelance Web Dev and student (UCD Computer Science). I'm a big fan of online web applications written in PHP (Laravel), Node.js (Vue & Express) and some WordPress.

When I'm not at my computer I'm our riding the Wicklow Mountains or the rural back roads of Mayo. I'm also an avid motorsports and esports fan.

I also love a good book, used to swim competitvely and have built a robot or two. I started studying Computer Science in UCD in September 2018.

While I'm not working on a personal projects I'm freelancing for a number of Irish and international businesses. If you like what you see and would be interested in getting in touch you can do so by sending me an email at ciaran@cicisoft.netor by calling me on +353 83 4141416.


Eskoa Nutrition is an Irish company that supplies natural, organic and premium quality nutrition products. I was tasked with improving overall site speed and SEO as well as any other tasks needed.


VelvetCloud is my family's startup business. It produces and manufactures Irish Sheep Milk Yogurt and Cheese. I designed and built the website for the business.

test is an Irish online platform for hiring local tradespeople. I was in charge of improving the look and feel of the site aswell as it's backend infrastructure. I led a team of developers to accomplish this.

test is an online marketplace where stores can upload their products and sell them in an online marketplace.

AgriContractor is an online application that allows farm contractors to easily manage their business. It allows the contractor to record jobs and assign them to clients and workers. It also includes a dashboard for workers to manage their jobs. was the website I designed with my two fellow Coder Dojo ninjas Finghín Little and Jonathan Cunniffe. The site has now been taken off line.

Farm Recorder has been my main programming project for the past two years. It is a fully functioning cloud based farm management application that enables a farmer to quickly and easily store their animals tag numbers in the cloud. This is a huge advantage over traditional paper based methods which can be damaged or lost.

Team Codice is the name of our schools Robot Building team which I captained in 2015 and 2016. In 2015 we were tasked with building a robot as well as doing something to enable us to learn better. Together my team mate and I, Jonathan Cunniffe created the site. It teaches people the basics of web based programming.

Dice Roller is another quickly put together website that simulates rolling a die. It then outputs the results as well as counts them.


Feel free to email me if you want to ask me a question or even just to say Hello!
+353 83 4141416